Adelaide Italian Festival | Pot Painting Workshop @ Prospect Rd Studio

Nov 12 Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:00PM

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Step into the vibrant spirit of the Adelaide Italian Festival through our 'Pot Painting Workshop' painting experience.

Unleash your creativity as you bond with friends, enjoy a romantic date night, or create lasting family memories, all while sipping your favorite drinks.


A local artist will walk you through the painting process step-by-step and help you create your own Masterpiece.

Bring Your Own drinks and nibbles for a memorable painting experience! Glasses will be provided at the studio. 


  • Artist led painting session (2 hrs)
  • A Terracotta pot for each participant to take home, either of below dimensions (depending on availability)

                     - Egg Shaped 25 x 22 cms
                     - Cone Shaped 27 x 24.5 cms

  • Use of paints, brushes, design sheets (for reference), aprons, table covers, markers
  • Glassware for your beverages

Venue: Paintelaide Studio, 120 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA (Just 10 mins away from CBD and nestled in the heart of Prospect's most popular cafes and restaurants)

A fun activity to do in Adelaide. Book yours now!

Please note, this event is suitable for (14 years and above)