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FAQs | Paint and Sip | Adelaide

Paint and Sip FAQs: Everything you wanted to know about Paint and Sip, Paint Party, Painting Workshops gets answered here!

Hi there! So you have decided to attend one of our paint and sip events or host a private paint party or a corporate paint and sip event or are just curious how paint and sip works? then you are in the right place. Below we have tried to answered the most frequently asked paint and sip questions.

If this is the first time you have heard of paint and sip and are overwhelmed, well, don't be. Because attending or hosting a paint and sip event is easier than you think, as Paintelaide provides a complete package (a local art instructor, all the supplies required to attend or conduct a fun paint and sip) with various venue options across Adelaide. So let's get started.

What are paint and sip classes and how does paint and sip work?

A: Paint and Sip classes are a fun way to spend the day/evening/night with your loved ones. Where a friendly local artist will guide all the guests through the painting process step-by-step in a two hours session and also provide individual support if needed.

Each guest will get a take-home canvas (40cm X 50cm) along with the other art supplies (paints, brushes, aprons and easels). We will also provide other set-up material required e.g. table covers, paper towels etc.  So all you need to do is sip on your favourite drink and create a masterpiece of your own.

Do you offer private paint and sip parties and conduct paint and sip at home, office or a location of our choice?

A: Of course we do! We love to host private (Hen's, Birthdays, Girls Night) and corporate events and can travel to your venue (house/ office/ party venues) or arrange a suitable venue (we have a list of partnered restaurants, bars and cafes across Adelaide) for your event. For more details checkout our PRIVATE & CORPORATE EVENTS page here 

How much does paint and sip cost?

A: Paint and Sip with Paintelaide can cost anywhere between $55 to $69. Our Public events are priced at $57 to $69 (depending on inclusions like canvas, pots etc.) and you can book it through our website.

For Private Events, prices vary on when and where you plan to conduct the session. Please note, these costs do not include drinks/ food OR tables/chairs (in case of private venues like house, office etc.)

For more info on our private events, please click here or write to us at

How long are paint and sip classes?

A: A paint and sip class typically lasts for 2 hrs, but can stretch to 2.5 hrs depending on the complexity of the painting.

What to wear to paint and sip parties?

A: There is no dress code for paint and sip events. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in. Aprons will be provided so you don't spoil your outfit, however when you are deep into your artist mode, paint may get on clothing and may be hard to get off once it's dry. 

Who can do Paint and Sip, are children or babies allowed for paint and sip?

A: Unless otherwise specified, our evening events (5pm onwards) are strictly for ages 18 and above.

Ages 14 and above are welcome at most of our daytime events with a paying parent/guardian. Kindly check the event description for details or contact us.

We also kindly ask that babies/infants are not brought to any of our events. A caregiver is welcome to bring a breastfed baby in for a feed during the event however we ask that they don’t remain after feeding is finished.

No refunds or credit will be given if you bring a child to an event and are refused entry

Can I bring food for paint and sip events?

A: Feel free to BYO nibbles at our studio events, unless mentioned otherwise in the event description. However, kindly be mindful of the table space as you might be sharing it with other patrons.

Paintelaide also conducts paint and sip at various bars, restaurants and cafes. Since each restaurant has it's own BYO Food policy, it is best to check with us before the event. You can also find the details about this on the individual event description that you have booked for. If not sure, just write to us and we will help answer any specific question. 

Are spectators welcome at the Paint and Sip venue?

A: Spectators are welcome, depending on the venue space only those who have purchased a ticket may be allocated a seat in the painting area. Please check with us beforehand in case you want your loved ones to experience the joy of our paint and sip classes from the sidelines and we will try our best to accomodate them.

Is BYO drinks an option for your paint and sip events?

A: Feel free to BYO drinks at our studio events, unless mentioned otherwise in the event description. 

Kindly note, our family & kids sessions are strictly no alcohol events.

In case of an event at other cafes/ bar, please check the description of the event. 

What is your cancellation policy?

A: Customers who have purchased Paintelaide Insurance can: 

  • Reschedule or cancel tickets 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Allows only One reschedule/change of date.
  • Must be purchased at the time of booking. 
  • Is only applicable for the order with which Paintelaide Insurance was purchased. Ex: If your friend(s)/family have bought tickets in a seperate order and not purchased 'Paintelaide Insurance', we won't be able to reschedule their ticket(s).


  • Doesn’t apply to private functions. 
  • Doesn’t include no-shows or notice given within 48 hours of the event start time.
  • Doesn’t apply to Gift Cards.

Customers who have not purchased Paintelaide Insurance For Public Paint and Sip Events (Ticketed Event): Attendees can receive refunds or store credit up to 14 days before the event start date. 

Incase of event cancellation due to COVID restrictions or a cancellation from our side (due to unavoidable circumstances), store credit or complete refund will be offered.

For Private & Corporate Events: Deposit of $200 is required while booking the event and are non-refundable. We can offer a reschedule/ change of date at no extra cost if a notice of 30 days or more is provided.

Final Payment: Final payment is due 7 days prior to the event date. We do not offer refund/credit in case any cancellations are made after the final payment.

Incase of cancellation due to COVID restrictions from our side, the event can be rescheduled to our next available date at no extra cost.

How many people can be accommodated at each paint and sip event?

A: For studio events we can accomodate up to 30 guests. 

We also have multiple venue partnerships and can offer options depending on your requirements. We can accomodate anywhere between 10 to 120 attendees (subject to venue availability).

What if I have never painted before?

A: That's what we are here for. One of our talented local artist will walk you through the painting process step-by-step and help you create your own unique masterpiece to take home. Paintelaide was founded to share and spread the love for Art across Adelaide and all our events have a festive vibe. Where people from different backgrounds and cultures come together, paint, sip, socialise,
celebrate and experience the joy of creating something of their own without having any prior art experience. At the end of the session, everyone leaves with a unique masterpiece, and having created lots of fun memories with their loved ones/ other attendees and a big smile on their face. So just come and enjoy the beautiful experience that you will cherish.